4 super sandwiches in Dubai

Got a carb craving? Order in one of these super-sized, super tasty dishes for a lot more than just bread.

1. Cafe Bateel offers the Tenderloin Sandwich – Crispy ciabatta bread with tenderloin tagliata, romaine lettuce, sweet tomato relish and mustard mayo, served with a healthy kale and jirjir salad coated in balsamic dressing. This hearty dish is yours for a generous AED 68.

2. Just in time for the festive season, Arrows and Sparrows has added the ultimate slow braised turkey sandwich to its menu. With smashed avocado, crispy bacon and cranberry sauce, gruyere and cheddar cheese, its’ the ultimate Christmas sandwich. Yours for only AED 47.

3.There’s salad. And chips. And so much more. The signature Demoiselle Club Sandwich at Demoiselle by Galvin is wholesome and filling, the perfect lunch treat. Priced at just AED 48, it’s a steal!

4. They’ve dubbed it their ‘Secret Weapon’ for the festive season. The Turkinator, form Roti Rollers, is here to smash all others. Succulent turkey tikka is wrapped in avocado bread, drenched in cranberry chilli chutney and topped with crispy potato stix, parsley, and red chilli. You can also opt for a spice mix, if you are feeling more adventurous. For just AED 34.