Dilek Hanif brings her brand of fashion to Dubai

Dilek Hanif Collection

From a local Turkish designer, to dressing international celebrities like Katherine Heigl, Iggy Azalea, Nicole Richie, and making an entry in Dubai, Dilek Hanif is making quite a splash in the fashion world.

Dilek Hanif - the buzz 360Dilkek started early, involved in her family’s fashion business from a young age. She had her first Haute Couture show in 2002, and grew quickly, becoming the first Turkish fashion brand to present a collection at the Paris Haute Couture Week.

“My brand is an extension of me, my soul, and its reputation is my own, so I like to know exactly what is happening. I have a reliable team I work with, who help take the load off, however, I do step in when required,” she says of her work ethos.

The type of lady ‘Dilek Hanif’ designs for is strong, bold, unabashed, untamed, and a force to be reckoned with. She is a modern woman, who is in touch with her heritage, culture and roots, yet not afraid to make a bold statement and take control. She is confident and courageous, yet elegant and feminine; modern day women who can be anything they want to be and are not to be confined to the tags of society.

A common feature in each of her collections is the magnificent history of Turkey, where east meets west. “We combine the orient and occident by using ottoman inspired embroidery work and update the design for the modern world. Our heritage is so rich and deeply rooted and it is a great source of inspiration for me. I am also very impressed by strong women in history, and their achievements. I have high esteem for the roles women play – business women, mothers and partners. They not only inspire me, but I also draw strength from their courageous spirit,” she explains.

‘DilekHanif’ is available worldwide online, as well as multi-brand stores such as Bergdorf Goodman and Harvey Nichols.