Lexus LX 570 brings new Signature model to the UAE

Lexus LX570 UAE
Lexus LX570 UAE

It’s the UAE, so it has to be big! Lexus are coming to the sandpit with a fun new toy for us! And it’s big. Here’s what they said:

Go big or go home, and with the 2018 LX 570 Signature luxury SUV, it’s big all the way. ‘Experience Amazing’ is the operative phrase for the numerous interior and exterior upgrades in the car. Exclusively distributed by Al-Futtaim Motors in the UAE, the 2018 LX 570 Signature is a limited edition, and has a host of exclusive add-ons, including a new front Spindle grille, new front bumper spoiler, black door mirror cover, darker door molding and rear bumper diffuser for enhanced aerodynamic performance.


For added stability and agility while driving, the LX 570 Signature is fitted with a Performance Damper, aiming at improving the handling performance and ride comfort of the vehicle, while enhancing the quality of the audio sound. Owners of the new LX570 Signature will also get to enjoy new alloy wheels with a darker color pattern for added presence and elegance on the road. Also, courtesy of Al-Futtaim Motors, the Signature model comes with a special Lexus branded prayer mat as well as a cargo mat.


The LX 570 Signature comes in 5.7-liter V8 engine producing 362 horsepower and delivering 90 per cent of its peak torque at just 2,000 rpm. Combined with a super intelligent, electronically controlled eight-speed automatic transmission, the Lexus LX 570 demonstrates easy acceleration on-road and ample power at low and medium speeds off-road while delivering better fuel efficiency.


As with other recent Lexus vehicles, the interior layout of the new LX 570 has been designed following the Lexus’ Human Oriented concept which locates controls in an easily accessible area closer to the driver, for a much more convenient and safer operation.


The 2018 LX 570 Signature is initially available in Sonic Quartz with a Dark Rose interior across all Al-Futtaim Motors Lexus showrooms at AED 475,000.